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Launch your videoservice
Complete solution for delivery videocontent: ОТТ, TV, VOD, Livestreaming
Our product
We can develop this system like a ready and complex solution, as well as a set of different modules. This modules are adapting to your needs.
Content library
Our VOD aggregator collects content from different countries into a single database. We already know how to import content from several online cinemas: Megogo, ivi, Rutube, ViP Play. Any new distributor can be integrated into this system.
White-lable apps for all platforms
Our apps are available on iOS, Android, Android TV, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, and many other platforms. We will customize their appearance according to your guidelines.
Server software
All your servers will work smoothly and in one system. We provide software for transcoding servers, content storage and distribution, and API servers.
Management system
The control system provides full control over the system and its flexible configuration. The most flexible settings for working with displaying content depend on geo-location, user platform, and other parameters.
Billing integration
Our system is already integrated with several payment systems so that your customers can make payments on any platform: Apple, Google, Huawei. In addition, we use the Paymentwall payment gateway to accept payments on Smart TV and Web.
Statistic charts and API reports
The data is stored in our system and is available for online display. Digital reports can be visualized on charts and uploaded in .CSV, .XLS formats, etc.
Installation and technical support
We take care of not only the initial setup of the servers but also monthly technical support, including support for your users.
Kids safe mode and apps
This is an added benefit for your customers. Children will be protected from adult or inappropriate content. We have developed a standalone children's application and also implemented a children's mode in the regular application.
Quick start
All components of the system are ready for installation, so it will take us a minimum of time to show you the result. Request a demo now.
How it works
Step 1
Install. Quickstart.

You do not need to make efforts and independently try to install our solutions. Our experts will do it for you in a short time.
Step 2
Hardware. Autonomous.

Our solutions are universal and independent of devices and manufacturers. You can choose the hardware that will be optimal for you and your clients, or not be tied to devices at all, but make clients access from any device. Our applications are adapted for a large number of different devices. We support set-top boxes based on Android, Android TV and UNIX-based, TVs on various platforms Samsung, Haier, Hisense, TCl, Huawei, etc., as well as mobile applications: Google, Huawei, iOS.
Step 3
Scalable. No limit.

You can scale the system as you like - horizontally and vertically. New databases are easily added to the system and start working. You can also use third-party CDN solutions for content distribution, they are also easily integrated into the system.
Our company developed an app for Android STB platform. With it you can watch TV show or VOD content. We have introduced Peers.TV product, which became part of our ecosystem. This solution provides excellent perfomance for our app.
Dmitry Mishin
Product manager
We made a service, which translate inner events of our company online. This complete solution includes app for reviewing, which protect by authorization. Also it has a system from many distributed servers and this servers are sharing video content.
Product manager
We create an autonomous service which based on our OTT-platform.
But we had some problems. The thing is, our clients locate in Kamchatka Peninsula and they have a non-stable external connection.
So, we build a fully autonomous system. This system includes server hardware, API. Client apps are placed on the client side.
Our OTT-service has over 2 million active users per month.
Peers.TV works on almost every platform - Android, iOS, Smart TV, web, Android TV and etc.
Internet marketer
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