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Что такое Peers.TV?

Sleeping cloud is for doing everything right
You might want not to drive that day. Ride a bicycle to work or take a nice walk. This will give you more activity and reduce CO2 emissions.
Good deeds every day
The App is created to support peace and balance of Nature.
It will help you do simple acts of kindness: sort your wrappers, close the tap while cleaning teeth, etc.
ТВ где и когда удобно. Просто установите Peers.TV
Leaf is for recency
of thoughts
Pure some trees in a park or feed squirrels. The Earth will be thankful to you.
Switch between states
All your good deeds are saved in the App. Collect your karma stars and get stickers for your social networks.
So simple to be the part of the nature! Download the Application for free now.
Video: Dennis Hoogstad